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Thread: Salt Free Rubs, Anyone?

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    Default Salt Free Rubs, Anyone?

    Wifey and me choose to stay away from lots of salt, all salt if we can :-}

    I can buy salt free rubs but I was wondering if anyone makes their own salt free rub they would like to share.


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    I don't think you will get many responses to that question. This forum has members that mainly build " CSNB " Cholesterol Sodium Nitrate Bombs ! You will just need to get more medication to counter the salts .

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    Just an extra thought if you have not by chance thought of it.
    Use Kosher Salt in your rubs. If you haven't or are not using it, it is worth doing a little research.

    I think most probably use it in their rubs rather than the iodized.
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    I would suggest you build your favorite rub and just leave the salt out. I limit the salt in my rub.

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