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    I cook my 1st ribs on my 1400 pro using the 3-2-1 method and they were great. Can hardly wait to cook chicken and seafood.

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    Congrats on the first cook! The say you always remember your first time.....

    Don't be afraid to shorten the "2" and lengthen the "1". Also, as a suggestion, if your rub is sugar based, the foil wrap tends to water it way down. Don't be afraid also to try eliminating the foil altogether. A little drier outside than 3-2-1, but a lot more of the rub flavor, and the meat is still very moist and a bit "firmer".
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    Welcome to the Smokin Tex fam! you will never find a more help full, generous with knowledge bunch than the folks here. for a real treat I recommend "Dan's fantastic salmon" recipe, as soon as the sockeye season starts. even folks who say "I Dont like fish" have begged me to make more.
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