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Thread: Beef Brisket 3# pounder. What to expect.

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    Default Beef Brisket 3# pounder. What to expect.

    “They” say to plan 1 hour per pound and the add a couple more hours. Well, that’s not going to happen with a beautiful little 3# pounder flat brisket for the wife, baby and me.
    I rubbed the little beauty the night before and took it out of the fridge at 0700. At 0805 I placed it in my 1400 with two probes from my Maverick and the placed two probes strategically apart. I set the temp for 200 degrees and went about my day fully thinking that at 1300 the temperature would be at 195. Dinner tonight would be around 1730 after resting the little guy for 3-4 hours triple wrapped in foil.
    At noon I plugged in my probes to my Maverick and realized the 195 was not going to happen by 1305. Ok, no problem so I increased the smoker temp to 225. I heard a nice click which told me that the unit kicked back on to increase the temp.
    Well, throughout the day and checking every 30 or 40 minutes I figured out that it really doesn’t matter the weight but the thickness of the brisket. This brisket was typical for a 3 pounder, maybe 2 inches at most. I have pictures if you like. Anyway at 1800 I reached the magic number of 195 degrees. That would be 11 hours of low and slow.
    Now, I have another suggestion for using the Smokin Tex. Buy a Winco SPP 1616 Pizza Pan to make your life easier. It fits the grill rack perfectly. When you carry your product to and from the smoker use the pan. When you remove the product from the smoker, then pull out the grill rack with the product on it and place in the pan. Eazy peazy. Also , Come on guys at least place an old towel under the door opening so as to not grease up your floor. Geez!

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    Hi John, I've been trying to smoke smaller briskets as you mentioned, 3-4 pounds, 2-3 inches thick for my wife and I with my 1400. Do yours ever turn out dry? Perhaps I'm cooking mine too fast. I'll try smoking at 200 degrees when I'm not on a time schedule just to see how things work out. I had been cooking at 225 but when I get to 195 internal things have been dry.
    Let me know if anyone has suggestions.
    Joel in Virginia Beach VA

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    Are you doing the point or the flat? When they're together, the flat gets moisture from the fat in the point. Once you separate them, it seems like the flat can dry out if there isn't enough fat on it. You may try laying a couple bacon strips over the top.

    Additionally, re: time, it's not so much the meat, it seems, but the combination of the density of it as well as the collagen. That stuff will liquify, but that's where the "stall" is coming from, similar to doing a pork butt.
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    Thanks BigWalleye! I've been doing the flats. I'll try the bacon and try to exercise more patience. Happy ThankSmoking!

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