Freddy Fender had it right, "Wasted days and wasted nights. I have left for you behind." Now I am referring to my new experience on my Smokin Tex 1400 vs my Green Big Egg. For years I enjoyed that Egg until I discovered my new best friend, the Smokin Tex 1400. When I think about the time spent on a brisket or a butt using the Egg I'm just glad I did it in my youth. It was fun then except for a few major items including (1) the prep time to get the Egg ready to smoke. (2) the amount of charcoal needed and necessary to store and having to deal with a 20# bag and the dust flying around. (3) having to think about after starting the 12-13 hour smoking process and worrying about maintaining the 200-225 degree temp range. "Did my fire go out or is it running too hot or what about my water pan". (4) having to purchase a draft controller to monitor. That's a lot of extra expense.(5) raking out the dust bin creating another dusty mess.(6) the space the Egg takes up and dealing with the ants that will find it so inviting. (7)my occasional forgetting to burp the lid and getting some crispy eyelashes.
Now if you want to get a 500 degree or higher temperature for a beautiful Ribeye then there are plenty of gas grills out there. Don't tell me that the Egg will make that much difference. I tried both many times.
The amount of wood chips necessary to have on hand for the ST1400 can be kept in a shoe box. I'm talking about any number different types like alder, oak, cherry all bagged separately or whatever as the ST1400 requires less than a cup for a great smoke.
I may have left out a few thoughts but this should go a long way, I think for now.