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Thread: Help I messed up a brisket

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    Default Help I messed up a brisket

    My first attempt at a brisket went like this.

    8 lb brisket
    200 degrees like manual says
    Cooked 10 hours
    Fat side up

    Came out like rubber.

    Did I over cook?

    Any help would be appreciated. What should I have done?

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    What temperature did you finish it at. You have to probe it and not go by time. Ten hours would be too short of time at 200 degrees. Reach at least 190 degrees.

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    I agree with John G. It's all about temp. Time is merely a guideline.
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    Don't feel bad Ribguy I did the same thing first time and like John G. and bigwalleye say "temp is it" but I did save mine as it was smoked really good I wrapped it up in foil and into the oven till temp was there so all was not lost. These are things to remember.

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