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Thread: New to Forum 1460 model need advice for Temp probe ?

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    Default New to Forum 1460 model need advice for Temp probe ?

    I just picked up a 1460 that is 3 months old and just broken in ! 450 bucks. Now I want to make some summer sausage with bear meat so I need a good temp probe so I don't get Trichinosis .Any suggestions ?? I think I can run it down the vent tube so it doesn't need to be remote but who am I to say?

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    Welcome to the forum!!!!

    Lots of choices, and you can certainly run it down the vent tube, but a remote read gives a second remote read head, so you don't even have to go outside. I like to use an old fashioned light timer so I can load the smoker before bed and have it turn on while I'm sleeping. I can roll over in the middle of the night and check that things are running OK outside before drifting back off to BBQ dreamland.

    I have a two probe Maverick, a 733, I think, and I like it. Remember, just because one probe is pointy and one is not, they both do the same thing. While cabinet temp is nice, if I'm running two pork butts, I'm more concerned with internal temp on each butt separately.
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    I currently use the Fireboard. It has capability of 6 probes. Very reliable and gives your freedom to roam, and most important safety peace of mind. Tappecue is another on that does the same.
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    6 probes down the vent tube is not a problem!
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    Well thanks for the advice I went with the 6 probe Inkbird . Now I am going to smoke my first summer sausage Saturday . I made 2 batches . Venison and Beef with jalepenos and cheese. Next month I will get the bear and make some 25 lb batches.

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