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Thread: Smoke bursting out of smoker?

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    Default Smoke bursting out of smoker?

    Dose anyone know why smoke and pressure is bursting out of my smokintex 1460 in the beginning of my cooking session?

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    Bursting out from where? How old is the smoker, and which model?

    A little leakage around the door is normal when the smoker is new. Once a creosote buildup occurs, it will stop on it's own.

    If you're talking about a hissing noise and a small boom and a blast of smoke coming from the top vent hole, while unusual, search "hiss/boom" on the forum. It's a temp inversion that happens within the cabinet occasionally. It'll scare the beejeepers out of you, but it does no damage. It's kind of a rarity, and when you see it, you'll know.

    It's the Smoker gods approving of your work!!!
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    Mine used to do the same thing. It has stopped over the time of usage. Smoker is 8 or so yrs old.
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