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Thread: Brisket, Steamer Tray or Not?

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    Default Brisket, Steamer Tray or Not?

    Hello All:

    From time to time the flats that I smoke turn out a little drier than I would like. I have had some success but wondering if my method is a bit off or am I cooking to slow and drying it out.

    My usual method:
    - 8lb Brisket rubbed 24hrs ahead of time
    - Let the brisket rise to room temp for about 2 hours
    - Place the brisket au-naturale on a grate, fat cap up
    - Set the SmokinText 1400 to 195(f) with 2 or 3 oz of hickory
    - Smoke for 8 hours, pull it, wrap it with a bit of addl doctoring and place it back probed until 190
    - Rest for 1 to 2 hours prior to serving

    This time around I injected and am brining to see if that will make the difference.

    Blast off starts in about 5 hours.

    Should I use a steamer tray in the initial phase or am i cooking it too long to get to 190 (too slow) and the meat is contracting so much it squeezes out the juices?

    Best to you all!
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    yes always place 'steamer tray' under it. aluminum pan works fine. all the BBQ joints do it

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    also depends on if the meat has been trimmed of fat cap and how much.

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    Yes I usually place the tray under it too just for precaution.

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