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Thread: Fluctuation in preset temperature

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    I have a 1460 model and I have been using it for summer sausage . I like to start at 140 and go up 10 degrees every hour until I reach 170 and leave it there until I reach an IT of 153. I have been having problems with the temp going up to 200 plus degrees vs the "Dial " Pre set 170. Is this a problem with this model or is this what they all do ? I want the temp to equal what the dial states as I am sure most people would think!! Or at least close to it !!! For this kind of money you would think it would operate appropriately . Bologna or Summer sausage states to keep the temp in range so the casing won't explode! So do you want something that is accurate ? I would think so.

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    I have a used 1500 I bought this summer. I believe it is a 2008 model year. It has relatively little use having sat for years in a guys garage. I've done a few cooks on it including a 18 hour brisket last weekend (which turned out great!). I'm a long time charcoal dude with two Weber WSM's. I bought the Tex thinking it would be mainly for low temperature fish smoking since charcoal burns too hot. I've always used remote thermometers even when a cooker has one because they can be notoriously off.

    I cooked this brisket at 200 degrees and found that the cooker was consistently running 30 degrees hotter and many time 50 degrees hotter. Never did I see it go below the set temp. I'm probably going to convert it to an external switch that has its own thermometer and provides switched power to the cooker only when the temp goes below what you want. I've had good luck doing this with kegerators and Sous Vide cookers.

    I agree that this cooker for the money should have better regulation than I've seen so far. Love the unit other than that though... gonna have a WSM going up for sale if I can get the temp issue ironed out.


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