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Thread: First smoker, older 1300

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    Default First smoker, older 1300

    So a friend of my father found an older 1300 on market place this past weekend for $75. He already has a newer 1400 but knew that i was looking for a smoker so he went ahead and bought it then sold it to me for the same price. I did my research on these smokers and i am beyond pumped to have it for that price! My question is do i need to check for temp fluctuation or anything since its older? Maybe just go ahead and buy a new thermostat/temp control? I smoked some wings on it last night with it set on around 220 and it took around 2 1/2 hours, and they were reeeal good. Also, should i clean the thermostat? Any help for someone new to the smokin tex world would be appreciated!

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    You got a good deal as long as there is no rust and door is straight.

    Yes, you should make sure the thermostat tube inside the smoker is not covered with drippings or gunk. Doesn't have to be shiny clean.

    As long as you can adjust the temperature using the control knob, element shuts off so there is no heat, it should be good.
    I have had one bad thermostat, it wouldn't cycle, only stayed in heat mode. Easy to replace (and I added a pilot light at the same time so I would have a visual indicator when the element had power going to it).

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    Welcome to the Smokintex family. You’re going to love it. Now let’s see some pictures of it in action.

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    Awesome deal!! I’d throw that man a rack of ribs for his trouble!

    Welcome, and let us know if we can help!
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    Yeah would be cool to see some pictures of it in action

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