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Thread: First cook on new to me 1500

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    Default First cook on new to me 1500

    Greetings from new user!

    Just picked up a 14 year old 1500 in great shape. Iím a long time weber bullet smoker but like the ease of electric and needed something for large batches of smoked salmon.

    Just did a tri tip with a garlic and fresh herb rub. 2hrs at 215 to get to 130 followed by a sear on 500 degree gas grill. Turned out really good but I think it was a choice cut so not as tender as I wanted.

    I can tell Iím going love this smoker.. just got find a source for more racks that arenít $50 each.


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    Welcome to the family. Love my 1400 that’s 9 yrs old. Be sure to post some of your cooks.

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    Welcome aboard! New members are required to post the address along with phots of the cook and the time you expect guests to arrive.....
    I believe in catch and release fishing. I don't want to EAT 'em all, I just want to GREET 'em all!

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    Since the racks are stainless steel, you only have to buy them once in your lifetime. $50 well spent.
    I bought a used 1400 on a cart for $150 and had to buy all the racks plus a thermostat but it was totally worth it.

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