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Thread: 1500 Pro is Popping my GFCI

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    Default 1500 Pro is Popping my GFCI

    A cool Thanksgiving morning...wheeled out the 1500 Pro on the back porch and tossed in a Turkey with some apple wood. Set it to 700W. Used this same setup over a dozen times...heavy gauge extension cord, etc. Smoke started and the bird was climbing in temp. Checked the ThermoPro and noticed I was losing temp after ~3 hours or so. Looked outside and the smoker light was off. Checked the cord, outlet, and breaker. All good. Noticed the GFCI outlet in the garage (same circuit) had flipped. Reset and it popped again. Switched outlets to the inside the garage. Turned the 1500 back on and it popped again. Have been reading about shorting issues with the 1500 and the white wire coming into the unit but have not opened her up yet. All's well at the moment...bird went into the oven but will probably get some pressure from the wife to evict and go to the grill to finish it later. Is the shorting issue becoming a common thing? My first thought was the element since my oven kept tripping the breaker when that was going bad.

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    Sooo - come to find out that the wiring from the plug was compromised (frayed) where it gets spliced to the main wiring in the cabinet. It was only a matter of time that I would experience an issue. Pulled back the main sheath of the cable and re-wrapped all three wires to keep them separated. Back up and running now, but it did cause a bit of concern on turkey day.

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