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Thread: Truckin is interuptin my smokin.

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    Post Truckin is interuptin my smokin.

    Hello my fellow smokers,

    I was happily retired from the phone company, Smokin about three times a week. Then I kept seeing on the news "America needs truckers". I went to trucking school, got my CDL (Commercial Drivers License) and started trucking across America, all over America. from Washington to Texas, California to Kansas and everywhere in between. It hasn't been exactly a pleasure cruise, More of an adventure with monetary benefits. This week I was granted some Home Time. The weather has been perfect here in San Diego and I am doing my wife's favorite, "Dan's Fantastic Salmon" recipe, I miss my Smokin Tex 1400 when I am out on the road. Eating too much fast food. But when I get home I break out the smoker and have some of the best BBQ on the planet. I love my smoker, Best Birthday present ever! It makes coming home that much sweeter. Thank you Smokin Tex.

    With Love

    Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, B. Franklin

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    Bravo and happy smokin!

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