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    I just used the 1400 for the first time this last weekend. I learned a few things and had to improvise at times. I cooked a batch of jerky Saturday. Had to shuffle racks around to try and get some consistency. Half of it was done in 8 hours. And another 4 for the rest. It turned out really good. I didnt expect it to take that long. Sunday I cooked a batch of salami. 6, rolls on three racks. One rack in the middle, second rack closer to the top. Top rack was done in 12 hours. Moved middle rack to the top. Second rack was done an hour later. Salami turned out excellent. My only complaint of laying them on racks is they dont get colored evenly.
    Does anyone hang them? Do they cook evenly top to bottom? After seeing how the jerky cooked way hotter on the bottom I was afraid the bottom and tops would burn before the middle got done.

    Any advice at all is appreciated. Thinking of getting the dryer for the jerky. If any one out there hangs rolls of sausage, please give details.

    Also thinking of hanging jerky.

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    I used to lay jerky on racks, but got some stainless steel skewers and hang the pieces now. Faster drying and don't have to shuffle racks around.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	854. I also use a drying fan. Made my own from PVC fitting and a 23cfm AC fan. Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you lonzinomaker, great ideas and inexpensive! I appreciate it.

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    I am new to forums but I believe this one is important enough to invest the time and calories. So, run me through the process of posting a pic, please

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    Click on the icon third from the right which is a small tree. Then add your pix from your desktop. Hope that helps.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Im a slow learner LOL. Thank you for the help.

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