I get a big smile and laugh every time I read about other peoples smokers drying out food. They say I have to Brine or everything comes out dry and tough. Well I think they need a SmokinTEx. AS i have not had anything to dry out yet in my smoker.And that is after 3 hard years of use.
Last year I got to use a little smoker that looks somewhat like our smokintex. But you have to fill a water pan. And even then it will dry out most foods. If you do not keep an eye on it. Now I loaded mine up and the other one also. And mine was off to the races, And no checking and wondering if the food would be dry or not.
Well the other one. IT has a little tube that holds the wood, And you stick it in and turn it to dump the wood into the fire box. And it does a good job. But will not hole the moisture as the smokintex does.
Anyone else that has gotten to use there smokintex side by side with other brands of smokers?
Now I for one do not care what smoker you use. But man this one has me spoiled .