I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the 1500 series smoker. The first week in our small catering business we did 1560 wings. The second week we did 80 lbs of Boston butts and 3/4 case of babyback ribs, which have now been the talk of the town. I have endless orders continuing for my wings, ribs and Boston butts. This smoker is the bomb! I named her Linda because she's smokin all the time (after my wife)! I will use nothing but Smokin Tex smokers from now on. I hope business continues to pick up as I will be ordering a couple more smokers in the future. Thank you for the wings recipe on smoking, for it has been a big seller here and I thank you for the late evening hours of talking to me about your smoker and all the advantages that I have with it. Delivery was prompt and everything has worked beautifully. I've smoked so much that one of my racks has broken two rails on the rack itself. I would recommend this commercial series smoker to anyone who is thinking of Tr interested in starting a small business. This baby will smoke 24/7 if I could stay up 24/7. I am looking forward to a successful and long future with Smokin Tex. Everybody that has purchased orders from me states about how great the smoke flavor is and they ask me what kind of smoker did I have built. I just smile and say Smokin Tex! Again thank you, Scott, for spending the personal time in the late evenings about the smokers. The personal info you spent has been priceless as far as I am concerned and getting to know your company and the smoker. The tip you gave me on how to keep my smoker clean and side brackets that hold the grills for cleaning has been awesome. I love to do this even though it's long hours into the middle of the night. It has been well worth it. I have customers raving over how the taste of the barbecue is so different from others they have tasted. I continually have customers asking me why I don't start my own diner and I just look at them and smile and say I don't have enough smokers YET!!

Thanks again,

Bear Hug Barbecue

Nathan and Linda Bennett

P.S. Will look forward to vertical rib racks per shelf in the future (more cases).