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I see that you used a PID with an external SSR and oldogg270 used what I understand is an PID with a built in SSR or something like that so then a SSR and heat sink aren't required. Is either way work the same or is 1 better than the other?

I am looking at doing this mod on my Smokin Tex 1400 that is well over 10 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated along with pictures. You can email me @ sled-junky-66@live.com

Joe, I have no experience with the PID's with built-in relay. The only issue I could see is if it is built-in, then you will have to have the 120V lines running into the control box where the PID is. With a separate SSR(solid state relay), you only run the relay connections(low voltage, doorbell wire) into the PID controller. I used the small PID project box from Auber, so in my case having two additional 120V wires coming out the back of it would have been a little bulky. Also, if the relay is built-in to the PID, you may have to consider relay capacity, and cooling issues within the PID box as well.