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Thread: To soak, or not to soak. That is the question.

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    Question To soak, or not to soak. That is the question.

    I am new to smoking. I just got my 1400 a couple weeks ago. I have been reading up on tips for smoking and I keep reading things about soaking wood before use. I have heard it is the best thing to do, and I have heard it is not good to do. So I was wondering if maybe it is something that depends on the smoker itself.
    So my question is should I soak my chunks before I use them or not with my ST?
    Also any other tips for a beginner would be appreciated.

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    Hi drbay,

    Even though I am also new to smoking I have a smoker box in my grill and I soak the wood for that because it allows the wood to smolder for a longer period of time and the grill cannot contain the smoke like a 1400 does. (From what I've read). Having dry wood in the 1400 is all you'll need to do because it retains most of the smoke and doesn't need the water for smoldering.

    It's just my thoughts.
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    Hello drbay,

    It is recommended that only dry wood be used. Please check this out in the operating manual. My personal experience with my own ST 1400 is that the efficiency of this smoker is exceptional. It amazes me how much smoke flavor is imparted with just an ounce or so of wood and it is not necessary to add more wood based on quantity of food being cooked. Some folks like a strong wood taste but it is easy to get too much smoke for others. Check out a couple of videos done by Scott Wallace of SmokinTex and you will see just how little he uses. You will quickly develop your own favorite methods.

    Best of luck,

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    drbay....SmokeRing and applejack are right on the money. I think SmokeRing may be soaking wood for a gas grill...that is the only wood I would soak. On my Weber's and my Bubba Keg...I use dry wood only. I find it gives a cleaner smoke when used with charcoal. JMO!


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    I'm in with BillyBob on this one. Wet chips in foil or a smokebox on the grill, dry in the Smokintex, and not many. A little goes a long way. 2 oz of chips makes a lot of smoke, and a 2 oz chunk makes even more, for a longer period.

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