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Thread: Completes Smoker Testing

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    Smile Completes Smoker Testing

    We put our new Model 1400 smoker to the test this past weekend trying out our new rubs. We smoked the following:
    Friday Morning 5 am: put 2 briskets in the smoker. Briskets were cut in half and rubbed with our Kansas City Rub, Texas Rub, Memphis Rub and Cajun Rub individually.
    Friday Afternoon 3 pm: pulled the briskets out, wrapped them in aluminum foil so the briskets could rest.
    Friday Evening 6 pm: Served Briskets to roughly 20 people with raving reviews of the smoker and rubs.
    Friday Evening 11 pm: Placed for Boston Butts in the smoker rub with our Red River Rub
    Saturday Morning: Removed Boston Butts and place in oven for 2.5 hours
    Saturday Afternoon: Boston Butts were pulled in order to create pulled pork
    Saturday Afternoon: A friend called and asked if I would smoke a brisket and pork shoulder for them using my smoker and rubs (friend had come by the house Friday night)
    Saturday Evening: Pulled Pork delivered to a friends wedding party (roughly 50 people), everyone loved the pulled pork
    Saturday Evening: Friend delivers a brisket, pork shoulder and chicken plus a bag full of mesquite. Placed brisket and pork shoulder in the smoker using our rubs
    Sunday Morning: Remove brisket and shoulder from smoker (wrap in aluminum foil, place shoulder in oven to finish), place chicken in smoker
    Sunday Afternoon: Remove chicken from Smoker, Friend picks up smoked brisket, smoked shoulder and smoked chicken.
    Monday Morning: Called friend to see what his family thought about the smoked meats and rubs, he said since there wasn't anything left, everyone loved it all.
    So, the result of the test is the smoker and the rubs all passed with flying colors.

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    Sounds like the 1400 did a great job..
    I almost picked up a packer brisket today. But did not do it, I think next weekend I will do a while packer in my 1500. The last one I did, I was able to get a whole one on my smoker.
    I think my next one, will be pulled. I did one a few years ago. And man it was great, Still juicy and tender. And everyone ate it up, Had a lot of the people that ate it. Tell me they enjoyed the pulled brisket better then most of the sliced they had gotten to eat. And some of the ones eating it. Were from South Texas.
    Wish you had a few pictures of yours to post. Looking forward to more post of what your turning out on the 1400.
    Proud owner of one of the first of 1500's sold when they were more like a test smoker
    Doctor told me years ago to quite smoking, So I quit cold turkey. But will never quit smoking with my Smokin Tex 1500

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