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Thread: Baby Back Pork Ribs

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    Default baby backs

    Try this one some time...

    Take membrane off
    wash and pat dry racks
    sprinkle on Three little pigs Memphis style or Willingham's Wham original
    wrap in cellophane and let sit overnight if you can
    take out and lightly coat meat side with yellow mustard then reapply rub
    smoke at 250 or so with apple wood
    at the 2 1/2 hour mark or so spray ribs with 50/50 mix of apple juice and Jack Daniels
    Do it again at the three hour mark and every 30 minutes until you get a good bend with tongs in the middle but no break in the meat.
    Wrap in foil at that point and coat with honey then spray again with the 50/50 mix and then the foil airtight as you can keeping it a bit off the meat side.
    cook for about one more hour.
    Unwrap, pour the juice in the foil onto each rack and let cook for about another 30 minutes or so.
    bring into the house and let sit for a bit then turn them meat side down and cut with electric knife in a "hollywood" cut...
    I have done this recipe a LOT and people seem to like it.
    This is a combination of several articles and videos and classes I have watched and/or read.

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    Dang! That sounds like too much work! I like the KISS methods. Certainly not knocking your recipe, just saying simplicity is more my style (and the Mrs is happy!).
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    Talking Wow!

    That does appear to be a lot of work, but they do sound delicious.

    Will definately consider the recipe, or a variation of it

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    Default These are some good ribs!

    I made this recipe a few months ago and everyone loved it. I did a few racks with just salt and pepper for the kids but the adults all were crazy for this combination.
    Going for it again tomorrow and can't wait.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    Here is a different twist on Baby Back Ribs, and it is a big hit at my home. After years of using this recipe on a propane grill, my new 1400 does a superior job. My apologies to Hank Hill, but propane and propane accessories are no longer needed around here!

    Take about 6 racks of Baby Backs. Mix up the following marinade. Save about half of the marinade mix to use as a sauce for the finished ribs. You are going to love sopping up the this sauce on a hot rib!


    8 tbs Paprika
    4 tbs Chili Powder
    4 tbs Cumin
    2 tbs Oregano
    2 tbs Black Pepper
    2 tbs White Pepper
    4 tbs Brown Sugar
    2 tbs Sugar
    4 tbs Salt
    1 tbs Cayenne (increase or decrease to preference for "hot")

    Combine Spices, then add liquids as follows:

    1 cup Vinegar
    1 cup Water
    1 cup Soy
    1/2 cup Worchester

    Generously coat the ribs and let set in the fridge at least a couple of hours. Load the smoker with about 4 to 6 oz of hickory, pecan and apple. Smoke ribs at 225F for 4 hours. Don't forget the extra marinade you saved, as a sauce for the finished ribs.

    Now sit back and enjoy some great Baby Back ribs!

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    They sound good, just watch the hot stuff!

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