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Thread: Turkey Size?

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    Default Turkey Size?

    I'd like to know the largest size of turkey I can easily put in my 1100 smoker? Thanks!

    (I also posted this on the recipe page, but think this would be a better place.)

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    My previous experience with a larger smoker resulted in this note. Even though now i have a ST. The manufacturer of my old smoker had a very viable warning when smoking turkeys. Please keep in mind when you put a cold bird in your smoker and cook at relatively low temps. The possibility exist to spoil your meat before getting it cooked. In other words while the internal temp of a turkey is increasing slowly. The meat could spoil before reaching a safe cooking temp. Therefore a bird larger than 12lbs could possible spoil before reaching a safe smoking temp. Maybe someone else will mention their experiences. Its getting that time of year when alt of us will be smoking a variety of the best smoked meats around. So lets get smokin and postin and together we can help each other......Steve

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    Default recommended to cook turkey at 50 min per lb on the ST. However, if your 1100's heating element is a 500 and not a 800, as in the 1400's, a 12 lb max is recommended.


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    I will spatchcock a turkey, cutting it into two halves. These lie flat on the racks and cook probably faster than a whole bird, and take up less space. I find this to be a lot easier to brine and store in the fridge than a whole turkey.

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    Thanks for the information! I'll keep my turkey in the 10 to 12 pound range.

    I also like the idea of butterflying the turkey if it seems too tight of a fit, or just to cook it a bit faster.

    Regarding the size of the heating element, I don't think it makes much of a difference, since the cooking temperature is controlled by a thermostat. With a smaller smoker, it can use a smaller heating element to maintain the set cooking temperature.

    Thanks for posting!

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