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Thread: Detailed cook time and other info

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    Post Detailed cook time and other info

    Since the question of cook times comes up quite often, I thought I'd post the data from the pork shoulder that I cooked today. It should be stressed that cook times should be based on internal temperature of the meat measured with a good temperature probe, but this should at least give everyone some useful data on approximate cook times so as to get a general idea on when to start cooking. Reference the chart below for what temperatures to expect during the cooking process. Note the "BBQ stall" between hours 8 and 14.

    After the meat reached an internal temp of 180F, I bumped the Smokin' Tex temp to 250F to give the meat a little better bark. I injected the roast 6 hours prior to the cook start time. At no time during the cook process did I open the door for any reason. After roasting I wrapped the roast in a double layer of aluminum foil and placed the roast inside a cooler with some towels placed on top to rest for 2 hours prior to pulling.

    For further reading, this is an excellent link for further information regarding what causes the "BBQ stall"

    Meat: 9.69lb Whole Pork Shoulder Roast (Butt + Picnic) Bone-in
    Cooker: Smokin' Tex model 1100
    Rack: Middle with slides in upper position
    Wood: 2-2oz chunks (~4oz total) Hickory
    Inject: Yes
    Rub: Yes
    Cooker set temp: 225F initially, 250F @ 180F meat internal temp
    Meat target temperature: 200F
    Total cook time: 16.5 hours
    Hours per lb: 1.7
    Thermometer: Maverick ET-732 dual probe
    Water bath: No
    OAT at cook start: 86F
    Meat temp at cook start: 42F

    Click image for larger version. 

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    DFW...nice lookin butt...great bark. This info should be good info for other members!!!


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    Very nice detail, great example!!!
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    Thank you , DFW. a very helpful guide for this novice at smoking.

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