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    My 1100 came with instructions to break in using 250 degrees (not 215 degrees) with the included hickory sample which looked like bat-handle waste. I'm OK with that, but the final result was a very acrid and persistent smell that permeated everything. I tried a few smokings, but everything had the same acrid odor in the background. It produced virtually inedible product.
    This weekend I cleaned the smoker using the methods I'm sure the manufacturer would not approve of and am now in the process of using chunks of dry Hickory at 215 degrees to see if I can restart my smoking endeavor. So far it smells good. All I really want it to make a good piece of pork to start. It's been a struggle so far. I think a good thermometer would help a lot and I have my eyes on several digital types. I could really go crazy and modify for PID, but first, again, I need a good, simple piece of pork!!!

    I am soooo happy to report that the re-seasoning working splendidly. Sweet smelling, dripping with aromatics - no acrid odors. My new girlfriend!!!
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    Glad you got things going and are happy.

    Here is the Thermometer I now use. If you decide to go the PID route, I did that too. Photo's and parts list can be found here. Ignore the Maverick in that photo, I don't use it anymore.

    I am now extremely pleased with my setup, and have done a lot of smoking over the last year and a half.

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    mine had same issue acidic taste
    cleaned me smoker 1400 replaced temp probe and temp controler.
    did brakin again same issue acidic tast in meat.
    and never can get to 250 degrees at all.
    ps this is set up at cabin that is at 7500 feet altitude.
    my neibores smoker works great diffrent brand.
    im thinking junk my tex and replacing it.
    in the past year ihave ruined more meat than i ever got to eat.

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    Utah340six....have you tried contacting SmokinTex.....They are very understanding....and helpful. I have owned several Smokers....and this is the best!!!!!


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    Any updates, NickDC?

    I'm just curious how it all turned out for you
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