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Thread: Crispy Chicken Skin

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    Cool, another Louisiana person.
    L J

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    Hi Chef...I smoked some wings in my ST1400 at 250F for 1.5 hours and they were perfectly DONE...wouldn't smoking them for 4 hours make them way OVERdone?

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    Dumb question, but how did you "dust" the cornstarch on chicken? I'd assume shaking it out of its box would result in clumpy uneven coverage. Did you buy a shaker or something similar? Also did you dust before applying seasoning or on top of any seasoning?

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    Any definitive answer on the coating process question by member Ajax?

    When I did mine, I seasoned the wings using a ziplock gallon bag, dried the wings a bit with paper towels, tossed a handful in the bag with seasoning, shook the daylights out of them, transferred to another gallon bag with cornstarch, gave then another good shaking, then onto the smoker racks. Anybody else have something to offer?
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