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    Anyone have luck with beef jerky? What cut of meat and recipe do you suggest? Temp? Is the jerky dryer fan necessary or can you crack the door open towards the end to dry? Let me know,hoping to do some soon. Thanks!!!

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    i make beef jerky all the time, i usually use a block roast and have my butcher slice into 1/8 in thick pieces and then i trim the fat and cut it into strips. if i cant get a block roast i have used flank steak alot and it works good to. i kinda rigged up my own dryer with a 10dollar bathroom exhaust fan and it works great, but i would assume you could just crack the door. i go about 2-3 hours on about 200deg and set it way low and run the dryer for a couple hours. good luck

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    I make beef jerky quite a bit. I bought the jerky dryer from SmokinTex and it works great. I smoke at about 200 degrees. I have my own meat slicer so I cut the pieces about 1/8" thick and smoke for about 3-4 hours. If you want a less dryer jerky 2-3 hours should do it. The more moisture in the meat causes the meat to spoil quicker unless you freeze or refrigerate it. I also soak the meat for 3-4 days in a marinade that I make. I use Eye of the Round, seems it has little fat.
    L J

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