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Thread: Pork Butt internal temp?

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    Hey, to each his own. But Im with Wheelz on this one. 100%

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    Agree with all. Please don't mistake my posts as being argumentative. Just stating an opinion. If y'all are happy & satisfied, well, that's what counts!
    Wheelz -- Life, Liberty & the pursuit of good Q!

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    Yes I Agreed
    L J

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    Default Specific example please!

    So how long would I smoke, and at what temp setting for a 7lb pork butt? Or in your experience what should I expect?

    Also, can I use one of those digital thermometers with a wire and leave it in during the entire cooking process? Can I put it through the chimney?

    My smokintex is supposed to arrive today and I'm super stoked. It's my first smoker

    Thanks in advance!

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    The short answer is "It depends".
    The long answer is "Depends on temp settings, how fatty is it, injected or not, to some degeree how much connective tissue internally that you need to break up.

    As a starter, based on my experience, if you're pulling, you need about 200*. I like to start lower initially to get some slow smoke rolling, like 180* for 5 or 6 hours, then dial 'er up to 250 and let the internal temp rise to what you desire, 160-170 for slicing, 195-200 for pulling. I like a butt witha bone, but to each their own. The upper half around the bone is more like ham consistency, the lower half is more like a pork roast consistency. Something like 2 oz of wood and 2-3 charcoal briquettes in the smokebox will give you a nice smokering, but not overpower your rub (if you use one). Set 'er in there with the fat cap up, insert the probe, and close the door. My guess, and it's only that, is that you're looking at about 12 hours, but remember it really is more a "temp" thing than a "time" thing.

    A digitial with a wire down the smokehole is fine, set it in and leave it, that way you're not opening the door.

    Your own experience is the best teacher. Keep good records.

    Welcome to the forum, and Smoke On!

    If you need a rub for your butt, PM me and I'll share my recipe with you.

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    I agree with bigwalleye. I am new to smoking, and the first pork butts I did only finished to 160 in the smoker, and I was out of time, and tried to finish in the oven. Never got above 170. Couldnt pull it, had to chunk it up. Had good flavor though. Found out my smoker wasnt getting hot enough, so after some repairs, I tried again, and this time got those butts up to 195-200. They fell apart in my hands taking them out of the smoker. I was amazed. I found some excellent recipies for vinegar based finishing sauce, and it was the hit of the dinner.

    As for timing dinner, and getting the smoke done at the right time, my suggestion is to plan for 24 hours, finish early, pull it, and then depending on how much time until the meal, either refrigerate it to rewarm later, or put back into smoker in covered foil pan at 150 or so to keep it warm. Like I mentioned earlier, the first time I tried to coordinate dinner with the smoking process, and ran out of time and was disappointed. Until I get more experience "under my belt", this is what I will do for larger pieces of meat. Chickens, Pork tenderloins, ribs, all can be done in several hours no problem.
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    Schmidski....just to add a little more to the above posts....for a 7 pounder...give yourself at least 12 to 14hrs to a internal of 195-200 for pulling. ST temp can be from 225-250.


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