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Thread: How's it going 3 months later?

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    I've had my Smokin Tex since December 2010 now and still LOVE it! I have done pastrami, pork butt, ham, turkey, cold and hot-smoked fish, smoked cheese (cold, obviously!), more chickens than you can count, endless ribs of all kinds and lots of venison and pork sausage and have yet to score a failure! Everything comes out great...nice and smoky, not the least bit dry and as close to perfect as you could ever want! I'm still amazed at how easy it is to use the 1400. So far the coldest day I've used it was -5 degrees (F) and the pork shoulder cooked with no problem, though I did have to leave the box under the eaves of my house to keep the falling snow off of it!
    I'm now looking forward to a spring, summer and fall filled with Smokin Tex projects... the hardest part of using the machine was getting used to putting so LITTLE wood into it, especially for someone like me who was used the old-fashioned open pit type smokers that required constant attention and a LOT of wood!

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    Ken...glad to see you are still loving your 1400. I bought my first one about 8 yrs ago and my second in 2005...and I wouldn't be without them!!!!


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