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Thread: I need a grill to supplement my ST 1400

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    Default I need a grill to supplement my ST 1400

    Prior to purchacing my 1400 my only experience with smoking has been with homemade plywood smoke houses and backyard charcoal grills. I don't use gas grills; however, I love the taste of a good char broiled steak like many restaurants produce because of the effect of the lava rocks. Unforturnaly, backyard gas grills rarely have provisions for lava rocks. IMHO, backyard gas grills are for people that haven't acquired a taste for BBQ.

    Can anyone suggest a backyard grill that can meet my needs? I'm looking for a grill that has the burner in the bottom with a rack above it on which I can put a layer of lava rocks, and then a cooking rack on the top. I realize that my question deviates slightly from the theme of this website, which is Smokin Tex experiences, but I hope the question is tolerable to website admin. Some of the members of this forum probably have experience in this area. I could buy a commercial char broiler but they're expensive.
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    Default Grills

    I broke down a number of years ago and while it doesn't have lava rocks, it has 6 ceramic plates, two over each of 3 burners, It's a gas grill by Member's Mark, from Sam's Club. The entire thing, including the racks, are stainless steel. Makes a nice companion for my 1400. It's also got an infrared burner, a side burner, and the option for a rotisserie.

    I may not be exactly on point here, but I'd encourage a look. The only upgrade I've done was to purchase cast stainless burners after the original cast iron ones wore/rotted out.

    I've been very pleased with this grill since we've had it, and if my 1400 does as good a job on smoked food as this grill has done on everything from steaks to chops to corn to burgers, I'll be happy.

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    If I could afford the price I would add the Traeger grill. A friend has one and they really do a great job on meat.

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