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Thread: New 1400 Temp swing question

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    Phillyguy...I clip mine on the meat probe...don't let it touch the meat or the rack!!!


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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to report on my first cook and the temprature swing issue that I had experienced during the seasoning process. I smoked 11 lbs. of spare ribs today using 3 oz. of hickory chips (I received several bags of chips as part of my 1400 package) at 225 degrees for just under 4.5 hrs. I also threw in a chunk of lump charcoal because I have been reading that it will give you the smoke ring. Prior to putting the ribs in, I used a rub about an hour before putting them in.

    During the cook, the interior temps ranged from 240 down to 190 so I did not have the very high temp spikes that I had during the seasoning process. I didn't open the door during the entire time cooking and when I did open the door after 4.5 hrs, the ribs passed the toothpick test and were completely done and very moist. I served them as is and had some warm bbq sauce on the side to put on the ribs as each person wanted it. The ribs were PERFECT! Very moist and tender, just the right amount of smokiness for everyone and everyone loved them!! Very happy with my first cook and looking forward to experimenting in the future.

    Thanks for everyone's help and I will be a frequent visitor to this site for ideas and recipies!

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    Keep up the good work,,,,,oh I mean smokin'....Steve

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