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    Hello every one! I have a 1400 and have been using it for over two years now and have smoked every thing from Prime rib for Christmas to Thanks Giving turkey to ribs and sholders.

    I caught a Kig Mackerel this weekend and have been told that the only way to eat it is smoked. I have never done fish so thins is a new one for me and I am looking to all of you for the right way to do it.

    Sould I go with brine? No brine?
    and how long?
    The flets are cut in to 4-6" long and about 1-2" thick.
    I have use verious woods bafore but always like to use Button wood (dead mangrove) or Hickory. Any help you can give me would be great!! Thank you all for all of the great ideas you have given me for dinner!!

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    I have never had mackerel, but after doing a little reading I think I would be tempted to do them the way I have been doing most of the types of fish lately.

    I would season them up however you wish either by brining or with a rub or just with a dusting of spices/herbs and then put them on a try made with foil to catch the juices and keep them good and moist while they smoke.

    I would prepare the smoker with 2 oz of that hickory and set it at 225. Smoke the fish for about 1 hour.

    While it is smoking take however long you normally do to get your grill fired up and hot. If you have some of the non-stick foil from Reynolds you might use that, or whatever method you use for grilling fish.

    Once the mackerel comes out of the smoker transfer it directly to the grill and grill until done. For me usually this is only a few minutes per side.

    Let us know what you do and how it comes out!


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