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Thread: How long for 3 pork butts

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    Default How long for 3 pork butts

    I have been using my 1400 Smokin Tex for about 3 years with great success. I would like to smoke 3 7lb pork butts at the same time. I usually smoke one with 3 oz wood, at a little less then 200 degrees for 12 hrs, then I turn the heat up to 220ish for the last 3 hrs. I have had great luck with single 10 pounders. My question is how much longer will it take to cook 3 butts? I have about 22 total pounds.

    Thank for anyone that can help.

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    I just found a thread that said 1.5 - 2 hrs per pound. 33hrs? I can't imagine it would take that long. Would it??

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    kerrys, my guess is that if it were one chunk, that would be right, but as 3-7 pounders, while I'd go by temp, obniously, I'd start planning on 12-14 hours or so. I did a 9.5 pounder in 16, and last weekend a single 3 pounder took 9, so it doesn't appear it's a "linear" thing.

    I'm looking to compile more info myself, so please post your results. I know a lot of times it's nice to plan on a time for dinner and work backwards. Remember, though, if you're done early, wrap it in foil and a towel, put in in a cooler. It'll hold temp for hours that way, esp. before pulling it, so don't be afraid to start earlier than you think you need to.

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    kerrys...bigwalleye is thinking correcry. As long as they are close to the same size...the cooking time will be close to the same. IMO there is no reason to be held to the suggested 225 temp...I have found I am much happier smoking at 250 and the internal gets there a little faster without any loss in moistness.


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    After thinking about it I concure. I will plan 15-16 hrs for the three 6.5 pounders. I will have a little time + or -, with 2 + hrs for rest. I have found 2 or more hours for rest is key to the juiciest meat ever. Thanks for the input!!

    I will post my results.

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    I must say the pork came out great. I only smoked 2 at once and the third one by itself. All in all the two that were cooked together took 15 hrs to reach 190.

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