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Thread: Makin Bacon

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    What do you look for when makin bacon? How thick do you want the pork belly? Do you want lean or fatty consistency?
    L J

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    Default Hey Thunderbyte - -

    I made bacon according to your specs last week and it is totally over the top. Helps use up all those tomatoes we're picking.

    Thanks a bunch. Gettin more pork bellies this week because my kids are all clamoring for bacon!


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    Default About your Bacon

    Thunderbyte, have you ever tried hanging your bacon or do you always lay it flat? I have always hung mine and can do about 40 lbs at a time. The flavor is there but it lacks a darker color, besides I could do more if I laid it flat, just looking for ways to improve. Thanks

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    Red face

    You do realize that that "wild hog" comment is below the belt. You sound like my brother. LMAO!!!

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    plan on doing a couple of pork bellys using this method in fact they are curing right now,i under stand everything except the wood amountand am very new to this. my question is how much wood do i use , can only get WOOD CHIPS and i see WOOD CHUNKS were used,looks like 6-8 if someone could tell me how much wood chips to put in my st1400 wood box, don;t want to mess them up thanks in advance

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    i am a complete noob. But wish to make bacon.

    i currently have some pork belly resting in the frig with some pink salt and a maple cure.

    I am curious about the smoking process. Some recipes suggest smoking to internal temp of 140. While others suggest cold smoking for a set time and ignoring temp. Any input from you folks would be much appreciated.


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    I've been making bacon of late as well. I found the best source for pork bellies around here is Restaurant Depot. The Asian markets all have pork bellies but they have a lot more fat than meat. I remove the rind prior to smoking as I've found it easier to do then. Also, most people I give it to tend to like rind-less bacon. For a cure I use Prague powder #1, salt, brown sugar and sometimes a layer of butcher pepper. I've also been adding grade B maple syrup to some cures. After a week or two of curing I rinse for 30 minutes and then dry it out. Some I smoke straight away, some I press another layer of butcher pepper into prior to smoking. I tend to smoke for about an hour and a half of two hours at 150 -- until it hits about 135 degrees. I use an aluminum tray of ice on the bottom shelf to keep things cooler. After removal from the smoker, I put it into the freezer for about two hours. Then I run it through my slicer. Yum! I'll try to post some pictures.

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