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    I cured and smoked up a pork belly ( bacon) turned out real well. The only thing is when I fry it up it doesn't seem to crisp up. Any ideas why?

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    What temp did you smoke at? I smoke at 140 degrees to an internal temp of 128 degrees. At these temps the fat never liquefies and the bacon dehydrates. If you use higher temps, you will lose the fat. Mine is almost fully cooked so 1.5 min in the microwave is all it needs. I do not like it crispy but the thin edges of hand cut bacon, do blacken up but not real crispy. How are you cutting the bacon? You will have better luck with thin sliced, but fatty pieces.

    I love the simplicity of just rubbing the belly with salt and cure, then rub with honey, cure in plastic bags for 5 days. From the " Kutas" book.

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