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Thread: First Time making pastrami, need a little help

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    Default First Time making pastrami, need a little help

    Hi everyone
    I just got my smoker this weekend, and I am going to make Pastrami for Christmas Eve dinner (so looking forward it!!!) I have brined the brisket with the following recipe:

    I have two questions. The brisket is a little over 5LBs, fat cap intact, and about 2 inches thick. How long would everyone recommend smoking this little guy? I was thinking i would start it tomorrow night about 10:00 or so at maybe 190 or 200???

    Any help is greatly appreciated. THis is my first of many smoking adventures.

    Thanks for the help everyone!!!


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    Welcome to our forums.
    Use this along with our blog and recipes for great smokin resources.
    Take a look at our Customer Videos page on our site for a great video on smokin pastrami.
    Pastrami Video
    Also search pastrami here in our search box on this forum.
    Happy smokin!

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    Thanks much. For some reason, before i joined the forum, i did a search for Pastrami and got nothing, now when i do the search i find the recipes. I just watched the video and am no SO excited!!! Can't wait for Saturday

    Happy Holidays (and Smokin!!!)

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    The pastrami turned out OK. I think I may have used a little too much wood chips, and for some reason the patrami was not as tender as i would have hoped, but all in all, not bad for a first run on the little machine. I also threw in a small pre-cooked ham for an hour or so after i took out the pastrami for the kiddos, and they LOVED it. Took on just enough smoke and flavor. It is going to be a very fun (and smoky) year!!!

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