Doing a 6 rib standing rib roast Christmas Eve.
Does anyone know the approximate minutes per pound for "timing" purposes.
I've done dozens of rib roasts over the years and 3 or 4 boneless roasts in my smokin-tex. They were all five to six pounds.
This guy is about eleven or twelve pounds
Thanks for any input
My recipe:
Buy the best meat you can afford
Brush with peanut oil and liberally coat with Lawrys Season Salt, Kosher or Sea Salt, light touch garlic powder, lots of herbs de provence and lots of fresh cracked black pepper.
Put a disposable tray filled with rock-salt on the rack below the roast.
I leave my smoke box empty or leave the old coals in.
Set to 225 and insert my wireless meat thermometer.
I roast to 118, and let rest for at least 30 minutes.