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Thread: Chicken Wings - Post Smoke Broil

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    Hi all. I am getting ready to toss in some wings. 220 degrees for 1 1/2 hours with 2oz hickory - got it. How long and at what temp do you broil them after to give them a crisp exterior? I have "high" and "low" settings on the oven broiler. Thanks!

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    Take it for what's it's worth, but a search for "Chiecken Wings" on this site will give more info. I was going to try some last summer and it seemed there was a 50-50 split going on broiling or grilling to crisp up the skin vs tossing the wings in cornstarch before smoking. Lots of folks were pretty happy and got crispy skin by that method. I like to try to stick with the smoker if I can. One less appliance in the mix.

    In the broiler, I'd opt for "high" and watch them closely.

    Good luck, post your results, and smoke on!

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