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Thread: Smoked Cheese Harsh Taste

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    Default Smoked Cheese Harsh Taste

    I tried smoking cheese with my new cold smoke plate in my model 1500.
    I used both elements with 2 oz of Apple chips in each.
    I placed two pans with ice on top of the plate and the cheese above that on a rack.
    I then set the teperature to 125 and left it on for 18 minutes.
    After turning it off, I let the cheese sit for one hour before taking it out of the smoker.
    Then let the cheese sit in a closed package in the refrig. for 24 hours, then tried it.
    I was sadly disappointed. The smoke taste was harsh (not bitter) tasted like campfire smoke.

    Any suggestions on what I can do differently to get a milder/sweeter smoke flavor?

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    While I've not operated a 1500, 4 oz of wood seems like a lot. I think you're on track with a mild wood like apple, but I'd try chunks instead of chips, 2 oz max, less time, like 12 minutes, 150* to get the smoke rolling better, stay with the hour cooldown. I'd also let the cheese warm to room temp before putting it in the smoker.
    For all the posts I've read and seen, here and elsewhere, I don't think I've ever seen anybody nail chesse on the first run. Seems like something so simple, but I think in the world of smoked food (think beef, pork, sausage, spices, etc) cheese is a relatively mild flavored offering. A little smoke goes a LONG way, and can easily overpower the base food flavor. In other words, it's real easy to oversmoke.

    try again, and SMOKE ON!!

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    Default smoking cheese

    i have done this lots of times and always works great. Nothing better than making an alfredo sauce using smoked pepperjack.
    Everyone has their own technique, heres mine that works for me
    I use two 3 lbs blocks pf pepperjack
    cut them in about 8 oz blocks
    place on 2 upper racks. 3rd rack i place a pan of ice. rack closest to heat source i place the cold smoke plate.
    I use apple and sometimes a mixture of apple and pecan. Maybe 2 oz. or little less.
    Smoke for half hour @ 100 degrees, remove from smoker and vacuum back or place in an airtight container and let it sit in fridge
    for 2 days, then your ready to use it. Letting it sit allows the flavor to get into the middle of the block.
    If you still have some cheese from previous smoking, just shave a thin layer off and discard, it should be fine.
    good luck.
    btw.....i start the smoker without the cheese set at 225, once the smoke is going at a good pace, i open it and
    place the cheese and ice pan. I think the impurities burn off by pre smoking for about 10 minutes.
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