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Thread: Do I change the wood chips?

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    Default Do I change the wood chips?

    HI, I am about to attempt to smoke my first turkey. Do I change the wood chips every few hours. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Wood Chips

    You do not need to change or reload the wood chips. Just load no more than 8 ounces or less for smokin' in a SmokinTex 1400 and no more than 4-5 ounces in an 1100. If you use Mesquite don't use more than a chunk bigger than your thumb. Use fresh wood each time you smoke/cook. Always dried wood never green or wet wood. You only put in wood at the beginning of a smoke/cook.
    Enjoy your smoked turkey.


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    I agree, you dont need to add wood part way through. Also remember that every time you open the door your adding to the cook time. Although tempting, try not to open the door. I have heard that every time you open the door you add at least 1/2 hour to the cook time. I have never confirmed this but it sounds about right. Also, opening the door lets out a lot of moisture that would be better left in. If I ever do open my smoker to spritz or baste, I have everything ready so I can open, do my thing then close as quickly as possible.

    I like to try to get good smoke throughout the cook, so I will bust my wood into different sized chunks. Some smaller pieces that will burn off faster giving more smoke early on and the bigger ones that put out for much longer.

    I have never used chips in my 1400, just chunks. I had an old Brinkmann that used chips that I had to soak in water or sometimes apple juice. Due to the design of the SmokinTex, you dont need to soak your wood. For what its worth, I would get some chunks and go with that.

    Howz that for a long reply! Sometimes I get long winded
    ST1400 and loving it

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