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    Default Am as new as you get...

    Found my way here searching away. I was about to buy a Lang 36 smoker. But I'm not sure I want all the work. I have a propane smoker an its alot of work to. Are yall getting the point I'm lazy. I have about decided that electric is the way to go. Here all about the MES an the CS but I here better things about the Smokin Tex. I just smoke small amount a brisket here an there an some ribs..chicken an turkey an ham some times. If i go with the Tex what do I need to know up front? Any add on's i will need. Want to get it right the first time.

    Thanks for your help in advance..

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    Hello jckposter,

    Welcome. I am glad to know there is someone else out there who likes to do things the lazy way.

    I have had a SmokinTex 1400 for about a year now. I can tell you without reservation that when you decide to buy a SmokinTex you will be buying a top quality smoker from a first rate company. That is really the bottom line based on my own experience.

    Not only will you get support from the company, you will also have access to a wealth of experience from a large group of great guys who are more than willing to share their knowledge. Take advantage of that.

    You mentioned a concern for add on stuff. I my opinion, unless you are needing to smoke large amounts of meats on a commercial scale, a SmokinTex 1400 should do everything you need. If you are planning to make jerky, then purchase a fan unit for that purpose. If you are planning to cold smoke, then buy a cold plate. Otherwise, get a full complement of grates. The roll around base unit with the fold out shelves is really a nice added convenience. I would strongly suggest that you buy a Maverick dual probe digital thermometer. This will allow you to know exactly where you are with your cooks.

    I have done a bunch of pork butts, ribs and briskets. A couple of turkeys, a couple of beef roasts, and a ham. You will find that what ever you cook, the meats are efficiently smoked and melt in the mouth tender.

    Get a SmokinTex and have a happy life.

    Best Wishes,
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    Lang products are the best wood smokers around. But as you mentioned they are labor intensive. I had a Lang 60 for 12 years before selling it because of health issues. The ST brand is the best electric smoker designed for plug and play operation. I and current in touch with the Lang group trying to get a custom 36 for when i feel like cooking on wood. the combination of both of the will be living in Smokin' heaven. Good luck and !!WELCOME!! to the best forum around...

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    Applejack and Tampasteve speak the truth. I bought my 1400 with the cover, an extra grate, the seafood grate and the cold plate. I also bought the 732 Maverick Dual Probe thermometer. 2 oz of wood, 2 charcoal briquettes, an outlet, and a roll of "release" tinfoil and I'm rolling toward dinner. Use the release tinfoil on the cove of the smokebox and on the bottom of the smoker with the "release" side down, poke the hole for the drain, set the pan under and go enjoy yourself. Dinner cooks without a babysitter and with the tinfoil, cleanup is as easy as pulling off the tinfoil.

    Also get a small notebook to keep track of your cooks, time,temps, rack psitionsm how much wood, what kind, and your impression of your results and you're on your way. Take advantage of the knowledge base here and the friendly folks. No one wants to see you fail. If you're thinking about smoking it, someone's done it before and will share their experiences.

    Welcome to the forum, and Smoke On!!

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    I was in your position around a year ago and came to this forum looking for answers. I decided after reading the threads here that my decision was to purchase a 1400 pro. I can tell you that it has been nothing but good eating. I have smoked over 250 lbs of ribs, 20 pork butts, 2 turkeys, 10 briskets, tons of chickens and chicken parts. I try to find reasons to have party's just to get the smoker Smokin. I highly recommend buying the cart if you decide to purchase and an internal temperature probe. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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    Jckposter, WELCOME!!!!

    I too have owned a 1400. I sold it two years ago to buy a 1500. The beauty of SmokinTex is that this IS the lazy man's way to smoke! Load up your meat, a small handful of wood, and you are golden. I also agree with using a dual probe thermometer, and I use the Maverick as well.

    You will find an enthusiastic group here, so don't be shy. Ask away. There is no shame here, just a ton of great advice!

    Enjoy great Q!
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    Default reading what the great members of this forum have said about the Smokin should be sold by now!!!! I have two of the 1400's and bought my first one about 10 years ago and it's still going strong. Through the years, I have sold several just by sharing my cooks with others...they loved the food and couldn't wait to get their own. DON'T HESITATE....get you one today!!!!


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    Ditto, they said it all. Not only a lazy way to cook, but the best smoked food you will ever make. Dry chunks of wood, stainless everything for easy clean-up, Great tech support, and the juiciest turkey you will ever get. Ever eat a wild turkey that the juice drips out of the meat as you cut it?

    I have the 1400. I use the cold smoke plate, and the seafood grate often (for cheese and tuna/jalapeno dip). I made a second seafood grate out of aluminum window screening, but it was wroth buying the real deal. I have the cover. I used a wire food-service cart from Sam's Club and bolted the smoker to that to roll it in and out of the garage. The neighbors often borrow it since the cart rolls easy.

    FYI, I smoke about 200-pounds of salmon a year, trail mix smoked nuts, chicken, turkey, trout. Oh yea, almost forgot the pork and beef....

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    Hey jckposter

    I can speak as a noobie to the the Smokin Tex family. I have owned and still own a Big green Egg and have owned a Pit-master. I got my BGE because I was getting tired of putting HUGE amounts of wood in my Pit-master just to keep the dam thing going. I love my BGE... However same thing just not quite as bad. I have only had my 1400 for 1 week but.... 4 whole chickens 1 Brisket and 10 stalks of corn later I am a believer!

    Before work last Friday 6:30am I put the brisket in 10lb packers trim and 4 whole chickens. Went to work 4 1/2hrs later came home for lunch pulled chickens (FALLIN off the bone!) Went back to work came home at 5:00pm wife had the corn stalks ready to roll put those bad boys in and 1.5 hrs later Bam corn and brisket done! 6:30pm. It Smokes in my opinion just as good if not better than the BGE with little to no up-keep. The only problem I have is that now I can't tell the wife that I need to check the grill when she asks me to empty the dish washer

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