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Thread: Swordfish???

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    Question Swordfish???

    I've done salmon in my new 1400 and it made it pretty palatable (I'm not a big fish eater). My favorite fish is swordfish, mainly because it's not as fishy as most. Has anyone ever smoked it? Not sure what makes a type of fish good or bad for smoking so any tips would be appreciated. Read somewhere that oily fish is best for smoking. Thanks for any input. My wife LOVES fish so I'm trying to find a happy compromise!

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    Swordfish is a nice firm fish to smoke, but I've also had some great smoked butterfish, also known as black cod. It's a much softer flesh fish, but is it ever good when smoked! Basically, it's all good! Just try it.

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    I've done snapper, salmon, and redfish. The snapper was probably my favorite using pecan wood.

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