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    Has anyone cooked a brisket in a roasting pan in the smoker and if so what was the result? And why did you do it?

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    I think there'd be plusses and minuses.
    On the plus side, you can use a liquid bath for flavored moisture.
    On the minus side, it's a sealed smoker, so are you using the pan for moisture or for flavor?
    + you contain drippings
    - drippings on the smoke box lid gives a whole 'nuther flavor, like cooking over charcoal vs a gas grill
    + the bottom of the smoker is easier to clean if you use a drip/liquid containment pan
    - see "drippings" above. Besides, that's what non-stick foil is for. Put the non-stick side down on the bottom of the unit and poke a hole from the drain.
    put the non-stick side down on top of the smoke box and wrap the foil under the lid only.
    - a roasting pan limits smoke and heat passage to some degree.
    If you want the flavor of a liquid, there is a liquid flavor pan/container on the products page, or a small container set way at the bakc right above the heat source. let the flavor out but lets drips onto the smokebox

    To me, the minuses outweigh the plusses. I run without a pan.
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    One last minus.....

    Imagine cleaning that pan after 12 hours. Yes, I do the dishes and no, I would not want to wash it
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