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Thread: Brine Babybacks?

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    Gawd. This is the only forum I can think of where a discussion on brining baby backs can turn into a discussion of Mary Anne or Ginger. I'm ashamed of the lot of you and honored to be one of your compadres.

    Just for the record...In the day, my preference would have been...EITHER/BOTH.

    Today, Sundown is on the mark.

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    That's been my standard response as well. Why not both?
    Anyway, back to the topic. As a general rule, I do not brine my ribs. However, there is one exception;
    My Cherry Cola Ribs. Do a standard brine, but use cherry cola instead of water. It works best if you can find the full strength, cane sugar type of pop, not the high-fructose, corn syrup kind. Remember to save some for your mop or spray bottle (the pop, not the brine).
    I suppose you could substitute Dr. Pepper if you must. I'm just not a Dr. Pepper kind of guy.

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