So, I was at a graduation party today volunteering to smoke and cook because my friend who was hosting the party had broken his leg last week on his first day of vacation. When you're on crutches he'd have a heck of a time cooking for everyone.

Well, there were these five 18 year old boys who are friends with my son who also graduated wanted to attempt to throw me into the pool. I accepted their challenge and not only did I go in, but so did the five boys. They ended up gang tackling me. After I went in I was going to pay back with a drenching wave toward their table. As I sprung off of the diving board for doing the can opener my quadracept ruptured and I am now sitting here in the hospital waiting for emergency surgery.

I will say there was a shining moment in all of today that after the hundreds of pounds of ribs I've done over the year the cook for today was the absolute best. Everyone there was raving over these ribs. I also smoked home made brats. The party was a hit, other than the ambulance hauling my ass away. Lol!