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Thread: How many ribs? One full slab or four? Confused...

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    Default How many ribs? One full slab or four? Confused...

    I am new at this game and trying to learn. This is the best site to do so. I have noticed some posts about adding liquid, such as the "333 Method." But, doesn't the amount (weight) of meat (i.e. ribs) you are smoking make a difference? Many of the suggested methods sound great to me, but I am confused about how to alter them depending on the weight of what I am smoking. Thanks!

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    Smokin Dav...welcome to the forum!!!! You said 333...I hope you ment 3-2-1....and I'm not sure what you mean about adding liquid. The liquid I along with most is to the foil when you wrap them. It has been my experience that thickness of the ribs are the thing that might add a little time. Almost all of the ribs will be done in 5-6 hrs....sooner with higher heat. If this did not answer your question...let me know.


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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you aboard. When smoking large cuts of meat, time is going be a factor, such as a whole turkey, a brisket, or a pork butt,but TEMP is where it's at. Ribs is a somewhat different matter. While a lot of use the 3-2-1 or some variation, there isn't a lot of increase in time with more ribs. While I'm a baby back fan, I have run St Louis style, and do prefer a little more time there due to the thickness of the meat and a cartilage/fat layer that I like to break down. A searh here will give you more info on times and temps, wood/charcoal mixtures, rubs, and a bunch of stuff you've not even thought about yet. Don't be afraid to ask, and, when you're ready, to share.

    Again, welcome aboard and Smoke On!

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