What can affect the electric smoker’s efficiency?

With SmokinTex smokers, not much. We’ve had customers from Alaska tell us that they have smoked meats when the outside temperature was 40 degrees below zero and it worked fine. I wouldn’t try to prove this by going outside at 40 below but you get the point.

Here are a few things you should consider when using your SmokinTex smoker:

1. Using extension cords. Try not to but if you must, use as short an extension as possible and use a heavy-duty extension cord. There will be some degradation of power available to the smoker but if you follow the above advice, it should not be a problem. Above all else, do not allow the extension cord or the regular power wire to get wet for obvious reasons. You should always unplug your smoker when not in use and store it in a dry place.

2. Altitude. The higher the altitude the lower the temperature will be required to use in your smoker recipes. For example, if you lived in Denver where the altitude is about 5000 + feet you would lower recommended temperature settings by about 5% which would mean water boils at about 200 or so degrees instead of 212 degrees. So if our recipe said to set the thermostat at 190 degrees you would set it at about 180. If you are using your smoker at say 2500 feet altitude you would probably lower your temperature setting about 2 or 3 %. Here’s an easy guide for you. If altitude is a consideration where you will be using the smoker, set a pan of water to boiling and see what temperature sets it to boil and adjust your recipes accordingly. By the way, this is true for everything you cook in at higher altitudes not just a smoker.

3. Accumulation of debris inside the smoker. Once in awhile a customer will call and say his smoker won’t come up to temp. We’ve found that sometimes there will be an accumulation of debris around the temperature sensor mounted in the inside back of your smoker. It’s centered in the back with a metal guard to protect it from damage but that guard can also make it easy for debris to accumulate. Check it periodically and you can easily clean it with a damp rag. Be careful not to damage it and don’t use caustic cleaners on it.

Keep the air hole at the top of the smoker clear as well as the drip hole at the bottom of the smoker.

4. Heating elements. The wood box protects the heating element but sometimes debris will accumulate around them. Again, just a damp rag should dislodge any debris accumulated there and never use a caustic cleaner around the heating element.