Luke Clayton here. I spent the past couple days hog/deer hunting at Big Woods in Anderson County, took a nice buck and big doe and a 44 pound wild hog (sow). Last night, I quartered the little porker and seasoned the meat with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Loaded it in my Smokin Tex set the temperature at 200 and let it smoke 2 hours... Then, placed each piece in a double layer of foil, added a bit of BBQ sauce and wrapped them tightly. Cut the heat down to 175 and let it cook all night. I added some sweet potatoes to bake this am.. The resulting pork lunch was as tasty as I have ever enjoyed, and I've cooked LOTS of meat, wild and domestic, on my smoker.. Long smoking at low temperatures is the ticket to tasty, TENDER meat! Good luck to all of you that enjoy hunting. You can read the newspaper article I wrote on the hunt at! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!