Here are some observations from my last smoke.[*]8# butt in the smoker set at 235 with 6 oz of applewood chunks and 3 chunks of charcoal.[*]oven temp was fluctuating from 190 to 240.[*]at the 5 1/2 hour mark the internal temp of butt was at 190 already. I thought this to be rather quick so I repostioned the meat probe and checked with my pocket digital thermometer and the temp was correct. Of coarse I lost some heat with the door being opened and I also tweeked the temp setting down to about 230.
I then gradually lost internal temperature of the meat the rest of the smoke. I even bumped the temp setting back up to 235. I foiled at the nine hour mark. the internal was at 180. I pulled after 10 hours and wrapped in newsaper and placed in a cooler. The internal was down to 178. We ate a couple hours later and the meat was juicy and excelllent, nice bark and even a hint of a smoke ring. The bone pulled right out. Another observation was the charcoal briquettes which were packed next to the apple wood were unchanged. they never burnt. Anyway I have done a lot babbling here...excellent final results just confused about the temp never recovering and still can't get charcoal to burn?....Also I smoked a couple of butts a few weeks ago using my weber kettle. It took some baby sitting but the results were good, however the judge (my wife) says the Smokin Tex pork butt this wek end was better.