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Thread: So you wanna keep the outside of your Smokin-Tex clean?

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    Default So you wanna keep the outside of your Smokin-Tex clean?

    I think the ideal Smokin-Tex is shiny on the outside and black and smokey on the inside..right? I think we all know how to take care of the inside.....use it!!!

    But how about the outside, I want my Smokin-Tex to look its best..especially when the Bubba's come by and say "What in the heck is that purdy shiny box tucked away in the corner of your patio?"

    There is a company called Sprayway that has been around for a long long time. I have used their glass cleaner for longer than I can remember. On another forum we have a member who is a rub mfg. and he has lots of stainless to clean. He told us about this Stainless Steel cleaner that is just the best he is ever tried. I was surprised and a little embarrassed that it was from Sprayway and I didn't know about it!!
    My friends, here is the Stainless Steel cleaner to beat all SS cleaners, you know your Smokin-Tex smoker deserves it....right??
    Might as well get a bottle of their Glass cleaner while you are at it!!

    You can buy direct from Sprayway or you can buy from different on-line retailers if your local stores don't carry Sprayway.
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