and I quote:

Hi Scott,

In my search for stupid simple, ridiculously good recipes using Miners Mix
rubs I stumbled on something that you should try.

This sounds all wrong, but it really produces a fantastic end result.
Blend one of our rubs with ranch salad dressing and then marinate chicken
thighs in the dressing/rub mixture for 5 hours or so, then grill as you
usually do. I've been using Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and using 2X
dressing to rub ratio (i.e. 1 cup dressing to 1/2 cup rub). Once the
thighs are on the grill, I don't baste them or do anything. They just sit
there and cook. Been doing this at all the recent festivals we've been to
for instance. So far the Kit's is #1 and the garlic is #2 and steak is
#3. Last place was the chipotle, but you don't have that one anyway. Got
a friend here that does BBQ catering and he's begun to do his chicken this
way too.

Anyway, give it a try and then let the world know about it.

Talk to you later.