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Thread: Problem with a pork butt

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    Unhappy Problem with a pork butt

    Hi all, not sure what happened, but something obviously did. I have done plenty of these things, and never had a problem, but I always follow the same plan. I start it on a Friday night, at 225 probes installed, and it is ready the next day in the afternoon. Well, this time not only did we want some during the week, but we couldn't find the probe thermometers, and with work etc, we couldn't figure out when to start it so one of us would be home to pull it out. My wife did some research, and found somewhere on our forum here someone that said we could cook it at 200 for almost 24 hours, and it should be nicely done. Well, we decided to try that. It didn't work. After 24 hours, the pork was only about 140 or 150 internal. We ended up bringing it in the house and finishing it in the oven for about 4 hours. Still not done the way we like it, but we took it out so we could go to bed.

    Does anyone have thoughts as to why the 24 hours at 200 didn't work? Normally I think I go 225 for about 14 or 16 hours and it is great. Could the temp be offin my unit? Does it need to be calibrated or something? I have only had my ST for just under a year, and I love it.



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    Something is funky. I would monitor my oven temp. At around 235 setpoint my smoker fluctuates from 190 to 240f. My smokes are usually 10 to 12 hours for an 8lb butt.

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    Apperrault.... the temp swing in the smokers scares me at anything below 225. Try putting a oven temp gauge in there and set it to run for about 2hrs and see what the temp is. Like Steve....I set mine at 240 and usually takes about 10-14 hrs for a 8-10lb butt.


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    I set my pork roast @ 225, dual probes, perfection when internal hits between 195 and 200. I try real hard to always use my probes.
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